Monday, February 10, 2003

When she was young she put on her mother's clothes
And pretended she was an actress
And performed for the thousands of reflections of herself
She could see in the mirrors hung in her parent's bedroom

Now she plays upon the stage
Of the drama called Life
And pretends she's not
When she was young she used to play with crayolas and paint and popsicle sticks
And draw outside the lines
And display her work on the Refrigerator Museum of Art
And pretend she was an artist

Now she scribbles and doodles on her to do list
And pretends she's not.
"You are more of a friend than I think my actions show," he wrote.
She replied:
"Your actions do show me that you feel I am a faithful friend.
I don't require that we 'do' much to prove our friendship
All I require is that you give unconditional love
And you have always done that.
That is great enough action for me."