Saturday, June 21, 2014

Scrapbook Page Clock Gift Set by Yapha Mason

How creative is this!?!  This wonderful Scrapbook Page Clock Gift Set was created by Yapha Mason.  It’s always time for scrapbooking with this fabulous personalized clock! Use pictures from any occasion for a one of a kind gift.  The set includes a matching card.  Head on over to Craft Project Central and subscribe to the month of June to get full step-by-step instructions for how to make this adorable gift!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Our Creations Art Journal Page for Paper Crafter's Library

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Sometimes It's As Simple As Seeing A Hummingbird
I was having a few rough days earlier in the week.  I think it's because I'm tired.  Ready to just relax and get off the the hamster wheel for a bit.  Yes, I am in need of some downtime.  So I was sitting outside, having some breakfast, feeling a bit down...and I looked up and there was a hummingbird at the hummingbird feeder!  This is not a common occurrence in the backyard and it's the first hummingbird I've seen this year!  My mood instantly lightened!  It's a great reminder for me - that when I'm feeling down sometimes all it takes is something as simple as seeing a hummingbird and that can lift me up.  I don't need something grand or over-the-top - I just need to be open to taking notice of what is right there in my backyard to make me smile :)
Today I am sharing an art journal page that I created for Paper Crafter's Library.  I love this quote by Thich Nhat Hanh.  I hope you do too :)  If you are interested in the full step-by-step videos for how I created this page, head on over to Paper Crafter's Library by clicking on the badge in the upper-right hand corner of my blog and consider subscribing.  They have so much to offer in one convenient place!
I also can't resist sharing this AMAZING video with you!!!!!!  If you love'll LOVE this video!!!!  Enjoy!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Elegant Birthday Set by Monika Davis

This Elegant Birthday Set was created by Monika Davis.  If you are looking for a special and unique way to dress up a birthday gift, these elegant pieces will definitely do the trick!  These fun medallions make the perfect embellishments!  Great for a stamp camp, or as a class project.  To get the full step-by-step instructions for this sweet and classy project, head on over to Craft Project Central and subscribe to the month of June!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bloom With Hope Creating Pretty Cards - Sketch Challenge #36

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Sometimes You Need To Push Yourself To Places You Don't Think You Can Go!
Swimming is teaching me so much about myself and about life in general.  Earlier this week I went to swim class and we were doing 50m intervals.  I hadn't been swimming much due to all of my work travel so I was a bit concerned at my ability to maintain stamina for eight intervals!  So I began by telling myself to just take it slow.  Sure enough, my first interval was my slowest.  But as we continued through the intervals I got faster and faster - with the last one being my fastest.  Afterwards my coach talked about how going out slow is challenging because once you are going slow it's hard to motivate yourself to pick up the pace.  Instead, if you go out fast and set a faster cadence, it's easier to maintain that pace and, if you can't, at least your slower pace will likely not be that slow since you have the seconds from your faster earlier pace still going for you.  I know the same is true about creating art.  It's easy to go slow...or not at all!  To go into the craft room and just sit and stare.  What if we were bold and just picked up the nearest ink color, stamp, paintbrush, clay and just did something - out of the gate just moving fast?  What would happen?  We can always go a bit more slowly once we start out with our fastest cadence.  I might have to give this a try!  I'll let you know what happens :)
Today I am sharing my card for the Creating Pretty Cards - Sketch Challenge #36 over at Craft Project Central.  I've really been enjoying the Bloom With Hope hostess set and my Stampin' Blendabilities.  There is something very peaceful about coloring :)  I also love that you can use your Blendabilities to color adhesive pearls, rhinestones, even the faceted buttons!  Nothing is safe ;)  Head on over to Craft Project Central and participate in the challenge.  You might win a free month membership!

String Art

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Dabble :)
Dab-ble:  verb - immerse "one's hands or feet) partially in water and move them around gently; take part in an activity in a casual or superficial way
I like to dabble!  I see something and wonder how I might make it or do it or try it.  That happened with string art this past weekend.  I wondered how to make it; what it would feel like to make; what it would lead to.  Right now I can't answer the third wondering ie what it might lead to, but I can answer the how to make it and what it feels like and I know I am going to do more dabbling!  Sometimes casually trying something can ignite a flame that leads to a deeper immersion.  I am looking forward to get tangled in more string!!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

“Work of Art” Treat Bag Cover & Gate Fold Card by Laurie Zoellmer

This darling “Work of Art” Treat Bag Cover & Gate Fold Card by Laurie Zoellmer is easy to assemble and makes a great gift.  These would also be great to make for a vendor show or a stamping class as well!  Get the full step-by-step instructions over at Craft Project Central!  Just subscribe to the month of June and get access to this and nine other wonderful projects!