Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Digital Studio - Second Card!

I should be sleeping...but instead I'm playing with My Digital Studio!  Here is my second card!  This time I added ribbon and stitching.  I'm still trying to figure things out, but at this pace, I'll be making more sophisticated digital projects in no time!  This program is working great for me while I'm on the road.  Since I can't be in the craft room, this program allows me to take the craft room with me...even to London!  Hope you like it!

My Digital Studio - First Card!

This is the first card I have made using SU's new My Digital Studio!  So far I'm having a lot of fun with this digital paper crafting solution!  You can order it beginning tomorrow, October 1st.  Not only can you play around with designing cards, pages and other digital creations, you can also send your creations to be professionally printed!  Hope you like my first attempt - if I can do it, so can you!

Thoughts From London

Today's Lesson From London:  Appreciate The Kindnesses That Are Extended To You

I just arrived in London and had a wonderful driver pick me up at the airport and bring me to the hotel where I am staying in Ripley, Surrey.  I hadn't changed money in Denver or Chicago...or at Heathrow and the driver was kind enough to take me to a bank so that I could change money before bringing me to the hotel.  On the way he gave me a small tour of the area.  I am so appreciative of these kindnesses.  I am always a bit tentative whenever I arrive in another country (although I have been to London a number of times so I feel quite comfortable here).  It is such a relief and an unexpected pleasure to encounter kindness and humor and assistance.  I wonder if he knows how much his gestures of kindness meant to me?  I hope so!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Color In Colorado

I wanted to share some of the beautiful color we saw on a drive into the mountains last week.  Colorado is such a beautiful place this time of year!!!!

White Gel Pen Details

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Life Isn't About Making A Living, It Is About Making A Difference

Today's lesson is one that I often struggle with.  It seems that life's expenses and needs and wants set my course for making a living...when what I really want to be doing is making a difference.  I don't know if I have quite defined the difference I want to make.  I used to think it was about bringing peace to the world in some way, which is why I pursued a career in mediation and conflict resolution.  Now I feel that part of the difference I want to make is in helping people explore their own creativity.  If we recognize that each of us is born a creative being, and if we can exercise that creativity, who knows what we can accomplish!  What is the difference you want to make in the world?  What steps are you taking to make that difference?

Today's card was inspired by the skirt I wore yesterday :)  It is black and gray and has embroidered flowers on it.  I used my white gel pen to create the "stitching" accents.  Hope you like it!