Thursday, March 06, 2014

Art Tape Covered Journal

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Work With What's In Front Of You!
I have been playing around with making different painted art tapes and somehow the urge struck me to roll some of them up and take them with me on my last work trip.  On my flight I remembered that they were in my bag and I began to wonder what I could do with them.  The little Moleskine journal that I had with me was in my lap and an idea was hatched!  Why not cover the journal?!  So I began tearing little pieces of the tape and randomly adhered the little pieces to the front...and then the back...cover.  The colors and shapes totally transformed this little journal into a tiny piece of art :)  I love the idea of working with what's right there in front of you!  What is in front of you right now that you could transform into a work of art? (uh-oh...the idea just crossed my mind to cover my computer in painted art tape!  Something tells me I should identify something else...but you never know! :)

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Painted Art Tape

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  I Can Talk Myself Out Of It As Easily As I Can Talk Myself Into It
I struggle with balancing my multiple interests.  I love art making and the idea of going somewhere to be with a community of other people who share that same interest is very appealing!  So lately I've been looking at different art retreats to see if there is one I might attend.  The minute I found one and started looking at plans and dates, some other interests started creeping in.  As some of you know, I travel quite a bit for my work.  You may also already know that I love being home.  So the idea of coming home from a work trip to then turn around for an art causing me a bit of angst :(  The idea of more nights in hotels seems to be squashing down the idea of traveling to be with a community of people who are equally interested in exploring their creativity.  So maybe I am better off trying to find something local that can quench my thirst?  And yet a local option won't provide the "art immersion" experience I am craving.  So here I am (yes, I'm a Libra), in my mental spin...talking myself out of it as easily as I can talk myself into it...and back around again.  If I actually make a decision, I'll let you know :)
Today I wanted to share with you some of the art tape I created from the painted deli paper I shared on Monday.  I used Mod Podge to adhere the paper to the tape - might try some other methods in the future to figure out what works best for me.  Tomorrow I will share with you one way I have put these special tapes to use!  I can imagine using this decorative tape in much the same way washi tape is used....the possibilities are endless!!!! :)

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

More Deli Paper Painting!

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Leave Something Around You Can Walk By And Add To
I am all for setting aside large blocks of time to immerse myself in creativity.  At the same time, I recognize that I can easily allow my life to get in the way of my creativity (something I continue to work on) and that sometimes I even use not having a block of time as an excuse to not create.  What I am loving about painting these deli papers is that I have been leaving a piece (or two) out on the craft room table and when I walk by the craft room I can just dart in and quickly add something to the page - maybe ink up a stamp and do some stamping, or grab a gel pen and add a doodle here and a doodle there.  It's easy to do something quick and dart back out of the craft room and continue on with whatever else I was doing.  It feels quite spontaneous and I love the uncertainty of where the piece will end up.  So give it a try...leave something around you can walk by and add to!
Doris asked a few questions yesterday about the deli paper so I want to provide some responses :)  The deli paper is exactly what it sounds like - the dry wax paper that is commonly used in restaurants to wrap up a sandwich.  It is not thick like freezer paper...think more like the sheet of light paper that is placed in a french fry basket to soak up the excess grease :)  I am really loving painting and writing and stamping on these papers - partly because it feels like such a low-risk activity.  After all, these papers are VERY INEXPENSIVE!  You can buy a box of 500 sheets for less than $10!  I bought mine from Sam's Club and the sheets are 12" x 10 3/4".  As for what to do with the sheets once they are painted?  Well, I am turning some of them into art tape!  I watched a video by Suzi Dennis where she had some rolls of art tape she was working with and I decided to venture out on my own to try to figure out how to do it!  The easier way might have been to have purchased her how-to video...but I'm a stubborn one when it comes to trying to figure something out when I think I can! :)  I still may watch that video...if anything as a thank you for her wonderful inspiration! :)  I am also planning to use the pages in my art journal and collage pieces.  You could even use them for decoupage!  And, of course, you could also just frame a piece and display it "as is."  The beautiful thing about deli paper is that it is incredibly strong (especially after painting it with acrylic paint) and it becomes quite transparent when you adhere it to other surfaces with matte medium.  Let me know if you have more questions!  I am happy to share my adventure with deli paper with you! :)

Monday, March 03, 2014

Painting On Deli Paper

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Give It A Try
I have a habit when I am traveling - I like to watch other artists making art on YouTube.  Even if I am standing in line waiting to board a plane you will likely find me watching a video of someone painting, stamping, cutting or pasting!  I find it incredibly soothing.  (I have really been enjoying videos by Jane Davies and Suzi Dennis lately!)  Of course, there is a bit of it that is frustrating as well - knowing I am far from my craft room - far from my paints and stamps and pens and brushes.  I store up all of that frustration and turn it into desire so that when I get home I am bursting to get into the craft room and start creating!  When I got home from this most recent trip I ran into the craft room and started playing with paints, sprays, stamps and ink!  I decided to give deli paper a try - using it first to stamp off on or to brush extra paint off of my paint brush.  Then I took the random piece and became a bit more intentional with it.  This is the result.  I'm ready to start my next piece!!!! :)  So if you are like me and find yourself watching other artists create on YouTube, I encourage you to give what you are watching a try!  If you are watching the video you obviously are attracted to the creative process...why not unleash it?!?! :)