Thursday, January 08, 2009

My cat is sitting on the desk beside the keyboard as I'm typing - hmmm - she just walked away - maybe she doesn't like me writing about her :)

Today I realized what so many artists struggle with daily. Yesterday I really LOVED the card that I made so the pressure felt really intense today - to try to come up with something as good or better than what I did yesterday. I don't feel like I achieved that. And that is what it means to be an artist. To show up to the "canvas" - whatever your canvas is - everyday and create. To let the process happen. I know that what I created yesterday and what I created today will lead me to what I will create tomorrow. It is all a process and every piece I create will move me forward to the next one.

So today I am grateful that I showed up to the canvas once again. That I created something that would not have existed if I hadn't shown up. That I moved myself forward in my process. My wish is that tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow I have the courage to keep showing up! I wish the same for you :)

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