Monday, June 08, 2009

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room: There's No Place Like Home!!!!!

I finally arrived back home late last night after a very long trip. 2 weeks is still hard to believe. This picture was taken at the Great Wall in China. It seems fitting to me for this entry - a wall, built to try and protect that which is important - our "home." There is nothing like the feeling of coming back home - hugging Michael, petting Willow, loving on Buddy, seeing how much each of the plants in the garden had grown. I did not make my way into the craft room today - I think my body is trying to rest from all work - whether that work be the work of my day-to-day job or the work of creation. Today was a true day of rest. And tomorrow I depart again - this time for a quick trip to Houston, Texas and I am already anticipating my return and time to sit and create in the craft room. Maybe there's a chance I'll make it in there first thing tomorrow morning before I leave, but I don't want to pressure myself - I need all the relaxing I can get right now!

So tonight, enjoy your home - the place where your heart is - the place where those you love are - the place where you are. It really is the most special place in the world.

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