Sunday, July 26, 2009

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room: Sometimes Having No Answer Is The Only Answer You Need

I have a change in my work life that will be happening soon...I'll let you know more in a little bit...What I'm finding is that when a few of my friends have asked me "What are you going to do?" my response is "I don't know." Now, more than ever, "I don't know" is feeling quite wonderful! It's nice to not have an answer - to not even feel the need to have an answer. Right now, not knowing is the only answer I need :)

I created another altered frame this evening. This one is for my friends Alecia and Charles who are getting married in about a week in Hawaii!!! This isn't their wedding gift - I'll have to come up with something new for that. This gift is for when they let me spend the night at their home when I was in Boston. I had a great time with them and just wanted to say "thank you" in a homemade gift kind of way :) Hope you like it!

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Designs by Mac said...

Love this frame Michelle and can't wait to hear your news! Would love to make a frame for a teacher like this ...what did you use to cover the d.p? See you soon in SLC!