Saturday, August 29, 2009

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room: Be Brave and Learn Something New

I remember so many years ago when my dad got his first computer and I sat down to play. I put in a disk and somehow typed in "init" - which, at that time, meant that the computer should initialize the disk. The result? Everything that was on the disk was wiped away! Oops! After that experience I became a bit more brave (believe it or not) since I figured I couldn't do much worse than make everything disappear off of a disk :) So today I started playing around with how I might rearrange and rework my blog. You can't see any of that yet, since I'm playing around on a test blog (since I really don't want to erase everything) and then I will transfer everything over once I'm happy with the way it all looks. There is a TON of information out there about how to customize your blogs. I found a great site called "Blogger Buster" if you're interested in learning how to play with the HTML in your blog template. Go ahead, be brave - there's always something new to learn!

This card was inspired by a card on Stampers' Showcase by Susan Legere (thanks Susan!). She did a beautiful black and gray mirror card like this and I couldn't help but change a few things and make the same card for my cousin's anniversary. I used pale plum and sage shadow card stock and ink and added some perfect plum ink as well. Hope you like it (and if you do, say thank you to Susan!).

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