Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Holiday Tags

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  The Tortoise Went At His Own Pace And So Must We

I have been engaged in a mental battle lately.  It's not one that others can see, but it's one I am very acutely aware of.  I feel like I "should" be doing a lot in each day.  I feel like taking it easy and lounging and enjoying is not what I'm "supposed" to be doing.  Maybe my body is trying to tell my mind something - that the tortoise was smart - he went at his own pace - and my body is trying to go at its own pace as well.  I think I'm scared that if I lounge I will not step up the pace again.  That a body at rest will stay at rest - and that scares me.  At the same time, without rest, I can't rejuvenate and listen to the inner voice that seems to be most wise.  I have a feeling this mental battle might continue for a bit...I'm hoping the tortoise wins! :)

This tag and tag container (made from a cd tin) are experiments for my upcoming Holiday Tag workshop.  It's been fun doing a bit of playing in the craft room today...not sure which tags will "win" and get to be on the menu for the workshop...I'll be posting some more the rest of this week and we'll see which turn out to be the finalists!  Hope you like it!!!!

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