Monday, August 23, 2010

Scissor Cut Hummingbird Card & Card Play Video!

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Put Together A Puzzle!

I can't even tell you when the last time was that I put together a puzzle.  However, when I was visiting family a few weeks ago, there was a puzzle set up on the coffee table and I was drawn to it!  Trying to place pieces into the puzzle brought the same type of focus and relaxation I feel when I'm in the craft room.  So, of course, when I got home, I ran out to purchase a few puzzles at target.  I chose a few National Audubon society puzzles - one of which was a hummingbird that inspired this card!  When was the last time you played with a puzzle?  It might be fun to try again!

Today's scissor cut card was also inspired by a videoby Melanie Schulenberg (thanks Melanie!).  I've put together a video to show you how I made it.  I hope you like it!

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