Monday, October 11, 2010

Waffle Paper and Glass Glitter Ornament

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Clean Out Your Sock Drawer :)
This may sound very strange...I have been so preoccupied with my sock drawer for weeks!  Opening that drawer was like walking into a room full of snakes!  All these socks - matched, mismatched, holes, threadbare...Quite pathetic!  This morning I decided I had had enough!  I scooped out every last sock and began the sorting process - garbage, donate, where the heck is the other one?, perfect pairs.  Back they went into the drawer - like couples - perfectly matched :)  There are still a few that are waiting for the sock fairy to arrive...I know those matches have to be somewhere! :)

I decided to play more with making ornaments.  My new favorite thing to do is make these paper rosettes!  I need to make a video so that I can share how I've been making them.  I admit that I needed the glue gun to help me keep them together :)  I am also LOVING this glass glitter - it has the perfect amount of sparkle and charm.  An antique brad and pearl jewel add a bit more of a vintage touch.  This ornament is a special gift for someone...I hope they like it :)


jovialjudi said...

Hi Michelle! I just got back from vacation and then had internet problems but things seem to be ok now. :-) It has ben way too long since we have talked gf!! I would love a tutorial on these rosettes. This makes a fabulous gift indeed! By the way,,,do stop by my blog and enter my blog candy giveaway,,,I know you love to read!! Talk again very soon. I need an order!!! Where does the time go. Hugs, Judi

Lorraine said...

That surely does look vintage - and so pretty. The addition of the pearl on the brad is wonderful. What a great gift.