Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Make A Monster!

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Watch Out For The Jump You Make To Conclusions
On my trip I met a great woman - funny, happy, full of energy!  She was quite heavy and one of the other people on the trip actually commented to me about what the woman was eating for dinner...more specifically she said something like, "Why is she eating that?!"  I might have even thought the same question to myself if I had not already learned a bit about her story - and for this I am sorry.  It can be so easy to jump to conclusions as you observe those around you.  We need to recognize when we are doing it and ask ourselves what assumptions we are making.  It turns out that this amazing woman had arrived at this lovely beach location having lost 60 lbs!!!!!  It was incredibly inspiring!!!!!  She also told me about walking a 5K race and deciding that next year she wants to do the race again...except this time she wants to run the race!!!!!!  Talk about amazing energy!!!!!!  I need to remember this story every time I find myself judging someone I do not know - or even those that I do.  Rather than judge, I need to open myself up to their story - their perspective.  I may even encounter amazing inspiration that I might have missed if my judgment got in the way.
I decided to make a little love note today with the Make A Monster stamp set!  This set is so playful and it reminds me of coloring as a child.  How cool that you can build these monsters from scratch - bodies, eyes, mouth...it's all up to you!  I have a feeling another monster may get created for tomorrow...Frankenstein here I come :)

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