Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Fabulous Phrases Celebrate Card

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  It's Instinct!
It's not often that I will walk with Buddy off leash since I am always concerned that he will see a squirrel or fox and take off running after it - paying no never-mind to any traffic that might be in the way.  Although we don't live in a terribly busy neighborhood, there are enough cars to give me pause.  Sometimes though, if it's super early in the morning and a day when people are sleeping in, I will remove the leash and give him the freedom to walk without restraint.  He normally is an incredibly well-trained listener...but there are some things that seem to interfere with his ability to focus on my voice...and one of those things caught his attention on his most recent off-leash time.  There, just feet in front of him, was a bunny rabbit and it was just too much for him to resist.  So although I was giving him the command to stay, he just couldn't help himself and off he went after that bunny!  The bunny's instinct kicked in too and he went bounding away from Buddy!  The bunny was faster than Buddy and was able to slip through a fence by some trees so Buddy came back to me - although he did keep looking around to see if the bunny might venture out again even as I gave him the "bad dog" talk :)  Yes, I put Buddy back on his leash - not willing to risk the possibility that another bunny would cross his path!  Buddy's reaction to those bunnies is instinct and I realize that my reaction to creating is just the same - there is nothing that can stop me!  No matter what the possible barrier - time, place, finances - I will find a way to follow my instinct and create!  It is who I am and I will always honor that part of me :)
Today's card was a clean-up of my craft table!  I adhered scraps of dictionary pages and a scrap of paper fabric using glue and a bit of machine stitching.  I distressed the edges of the Sahara Sand panel with my fingernail and then sponged the edges with Rich Razzleberry ink.  I then used the spritzer tool to spritz some Rich Razzleberry ink on the panel.  The greeting from Fabulous Phrases was stamped with Rich Razzleberry and then punched out with the decorative label punch.  I then sponged and cut the label and adhered it to the card with glue.  I then used the scallop circle punch to punch a piece of Rich Razzleberry card stock.  I broke down the fibers using my bone folder and separated the card stock once it started to curl.  The two layers of scallop circle were adhered to one another with glue and attached to the card.  I then took a subtles designer button and threaded it with a piece of white crochet thread that I had sponged with Rich Razzleberry ink and adhered it to the center of the flower with mini glue dots.  I hope you like it!

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