Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Heat Embossed Tile Magnets & Video!!!!

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  There Is So Much Going On On The Inside That You Can't See From The Outside!
As I look out my office window I can see the bare branches of the lilac bush that lives just on the other side of the window.  I see mostly brown branches...but if I look very closely I see something else as well...tiny little buds at the ends of the branches!  Here we are in the midst of winter and this bush is reminding me that there is so much more going on on the inside of it!  From far away it may look like it is resting - taking a long winter's nap.  But really it has so much going on on the inside and the buds are one small sign of that!  It excites me to know that I can watch this plant and wonder about the potential it has stored inside.  I can't wait for it to show me what it can do in the Spring!!!!  The same is true for each of us - there is so much going on on the inside that others may not be able to see from the outside - so much potential we have stored inside that is waiting for the chance to burst through!!!!
I know I have shared one magnet video with you already - now let's build on that idea!!!  I have to admit that this is actually the first magnet I made.  It was inspired by some tile painting that I did and that I will share with you tomorrow.  I wondered how I could recreate the painted tile look with my Stampin' Up! supplies and this is what resulted from that thinking!  The beaded tile I shared with you last week was the second tile design.  And yes, there will likely be a third, fourth, fifth.... :)
Here is the first heat embossed tile magnet I made along with the second one that I added additional beads to:
Here is a video to show you how I made the tiles using embossing powder and Crystal Effects!  I hope it inspires you to make some of your own!!!


Michelle said...

I've really enjoyed browsing your blog and I LOVE these tiles you've been doing. They are so lovely! I was wondering...do you think it would work as a hot plate instead of a magnet if you made it bigger?

Michelle Joy Wecksler said...

Thanks so much Michelle :) I've been enjoying making the tiles - they are a ton of fun! I have a feeling that the Crystal Effects would not take well to having very hot things put on top of it - my sense is that the heat would somehow "melt" the Crystal Effects. The project I am sharing tomorrow, however, uses a porcelain paint that you actually bake on to the tile. I have a feeling it would do fine with heat! You could also use Staz-On to stamp on a marble tile - I have done that a lot and used the 6x6 tiles as hot plates - or even put 4 together for a large square and then put my Crock Pot on top of it! :)