Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Make Your Own Die Cut Foam Stamps: Video!!!!

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Location, Location, Location
I'm not sure what possessed us - maybe the same thing that possesses anyone to walk into an open house or search on-line for real estate.  Somehow we ended up finding a house on-line that we decided we needed to see in person.  It sounded like it might meet our dream needs - you know the list that you make up in your mind as you are falling asleep at night...Our list has things like more land to grow more veggies and flowers, a larger garage for storage and workshop space, and....an artist's studio in a separate building...with a bathroom and kitchen of course!!!!!  Believe it or not, this property had all of those things and then some so we decided to go take a look.  The property was beautiful - it fulfilled a lot of the dream list...and then we started talking about how easy the decision would be if we could just move it a few blocks northwest...or maybe even across town!  Where it is currently located just didn't feel safe to me - a bit of a transitioning neighborhood.  I also began thinking about building a brick and mortar fence around the whole property - about 10-feet high - with electronic gates (and if I was really being honest, a moat and 24-hour armed security!).  Yes, the house had a lot to offer - it was just the location that caused concern.  One of our friends said it best, "The nicest property we ever looked at was just not in the right place."  And so it was with this house.  It's funny though, when we returned home and started our evening routine, I began to think more about what moving there would mean and realized that what I think I really want in my dreams, may really not be what I want in my reality.  A separate building that houses a studio might be nice...at the same time, it's nice to eat dinner and then walk down the hall into my craft room in my pj's, without having to venture into the cold night to head to a studio.  It's also nice hearing the sound of Michael working down the hall.  I begin to realize that some things I have right now are exactly right - in the right location :)  Yes, location is everything :)
For today's card I decided to create my own foam stamp using my Alphabet Simple Letters Bigz dies!  Here is a video to show you how you can use your Bigz dies to create fun foam stamps to use for your paper crafting projects!  Enjoy!!!

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Lorraine said...

What a great idea and such a pretty card. It's funny, for the longest time my husband kept saying that he wanted to renovate our stand alone garage to a larger building to incorporate a workshop for him and a studio for me upstairs and I kept trying to remind him that I like to work late into the night and it would have to be heated and cooled for the seasons. It took some time, but he finally realized that that would not be the best idea. He has the whole basement for a "workshop" and my craft-space (bedroom takeover) is a little cramped but we make do. Though sometimes I wish I could just lock myself away.