Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Acrylic Block Color Wash: A Video!!!!

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Do Something You Don't Feel Like Doing
I spent some indoor time on the couch this past weekend and the tv came on (I hadn't watched any tv in awhile).  I was very excited that the first thing I saw when I turned on the tv on Saturday was the prologue for the Tour de France!  I love watching the Tour and find it incredibly motivating!  After the Tour segment was over, on came the men's gymnastics trials for the Olympics.  Are you sensing a theme here (other than the part that I was watching all men)?  After watching people exercise for an hour and a half on tv, I had the thought that maybe I should try doing a little exercise too.  My exercise, other than walking Buddy, has been sporadic at best lately.  And I've gotta admit, the last thing I wanted to do at that moment was get my butt off the couch and go exercise.  But somehow I did it.  I picked myself up off the couch, put on my workout clothes, placed a P90X2 video in the player downstairs and got to work!  I can't say my motivation increased much during the workout itself, but what did that matter.  I was exercising and getting it done!  I have to admit that afterwards I had a big smile on my face!  I did it!!!!!  Sometimes it's worth doing something you just don't feel like doing - it can really boost your mood!  Give it a try!
Here is a video to show you how I used an acrylic block and some ink to create the color wash background in today's card.  Enjoy!!!!

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Lorraine said...

This looks pretty as well as fun. You always do such a great job with your video instructions.