Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Out On A Whim Wednesday: Decorating Matchbook Notepads

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Support Other Artists!
Last Friday I took myself on a fun date :)  I went and walked around the Cherry Creek Arts Festival here in Denver for a few hours.  Talk about inspiration!!!!  It was wonderful to be around all of that creative energy and to watch people walking about to appreciate the creative outpouring the artists had on display.  I often walk through art fairs/shows and take note in my mind of all the different things I might be able to try/make myself.  This time around, I still had that thought in my mind.  At the same time, though, I recognized that without these artists sharing their work, my creative well might have been a bit drier.  So, I decided it was time to give back to these artists and actually buy some things.  It was my way of putting energy back into the well.  To support another artist demonstrates to the Universe that creativity is something to be cherished and honored.  I came home with two new pieces of art - one by artist Olive Kraus and the other by artist Angie Pickman.  It felt wonderful to be able to support these two talented women and to add their energy into my home :)  When was the last time you supported another artist????
Today's Out On A Whim Wednesday began with a gift from my cousin.  When I visited her a number of weeks ago she handed me this box:
She had purchased this box of mini matchbook notepads quite awhile ago - thinking that she would figure out something to do with them.  Unfortunately, they ended up sitting alone in her craft room...until she gifted them to me!  I figured it was time to break out these mini pads and start to decorate them with stamps, designer series paper and ink!  This is the first one that I completed - using the Comfort Cafe designer series paper, a handcut tag, some stamping from Notably Ornate (retired) and Tiny Tags, a touch of sponging, a snip of linen thread, and a scalloped edge.  I hope you like it :)  You can expect to see a few more of these in the near future.  If you don't have these mini matchbooks, think about using the designs/ideas to create focal images on cards :)  See where the inspiration might take you!


Lorraine said...

There are so many ideas out there, aren't there? And as talented as we are, we can only produce to our own level of talent and investment of time and materials. So I tend to look at things that I really like and ask myself if is worth my time (including learning processes) and cost of materials, and if they are out of reach, then I gravitate more towards purchasing. But, I've also been know to purchase something that is priced reasonably to have a working model of something I might want to reproduce for personal use. Either way, I think that it benefits the artist. What I do not like to see (having had it done to me) is people taking pictures, or standing over the crafter/artist verbally deconstructing the item to themselves or a friend and saying that it's so easy to do. I'm glad that you gave a home to some new artwork.

I like what you've done with the matchbooks. They would make great little tuck ins for Christmas stockings, or even in a gift bag when giving a gift. That little extra something that makes people smile! :)

Lucy said...

I'll bet your cousin is wanting them back about now!! ;-) This turned out so nice and will make a great little gift for someone. Who doesn't need a little notepad? They're just like reading glasses -- they're all over the place, but can you find 'em when you need 'em? No! I don't sell anything I've made, but I will admit to CASE'g ideas and to also buying art I love. I've started saying to myself, "Yes, you probably can make it yourself; but will you?" I appreciate the time and effort that is put into producing anything creative and do like to support those creative souls, though it's not always financially possible. I hope I have your permission to CASE this project....

Cultivate Life in Joy said...

so adorably cute...great little gifts ideas...thanks you for sharing