Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Out On A Whim Wednesday: Anna's Halloween Treats!

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Your Creativity Inspires Others and That Inspires Others...And So On, And So On, And So On!
What I love most about having people over to create projects and stamp is that I get to watch them stretch their creative wings!!!!  I don't know what I love more - watching someone create something that they never felt they could create or watching someone stretch beyond the sample I provide and put their own life into the project.  They both bring me such joy!  For today's Out On A Whim Wednesday I decided to share with you a picture of the two treat containers that Anna made at my Halloween Stamp-a-Stack this past weekend.  She took the sample I provided and went out on a whim with it!  If you have been following my blog this week, you may have seen Vampari on Monday.  She was actually inspired by Anna!  The treat containers I provided as samples were both "male" - a dracula and a Frankenstein.  Anna decided she wanted to make a girlfriend for her Frankenstein.  When she was done she came over to me to show me her amazing creation!  The sample had inspired her to stretch her creative wings and then she inspired me to stretch mine to create Vampira.  When you create and share it with others, remember that you may never see the ripples of creative energy that you release into the world!  Just trust that it is there and will continue to reverberate long after you have moved on to your next creation!!!!!
I have to share that these bottles are recycled Voss water bottles.  I was actually somewhere in Texas conducting a training session and the venue served these bottles to all of the participants.  The crafter in me couldn't resist asking people to please not throw their bottles away!  At the end of the session I collected them all and put them in my luggage for the trip home (I'm sure security at the airport scratched their head a bit when they saw that my carry-on was filled with empty water bottles!).  I wasn't sure what I was going to use them for, but I knew they would be perfect for something.  When I was preparing for my Halloween Stamp-a-Stack the bottles caught my eye and the match was made :) 

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