Thursday, October 25, 2012

I'll Be Back Tomorrow...

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  It's Okay To Not Have Anything To Say
I am project-less and pretty much word-less tonight.  I was going to run around the craft room and find something to take a picture of and have decided instead that some days I just don't have much to say or much to share...and that's okay.  (My inner critic is chiming in right now - asking if it really is okay to not have much to say or to share.  My response?  Yes, it is absolutely okay).  I was in the craft room most of the day working on a Thanksgiving centerpiece - I am going to hold a class here in November to create the centerpiece and a few cards for Thanksgiving.  If I get it done, maybe I'll share it with you tomorrow in place of Friday Folds.  We'll see.  For someone who didn't have anything to say I sure did manage to come up with a few lines :)  Hope you have a beautiful day!!!!

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