Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Creating A Palette To Travel With Watercolor Wonder Crayons

Have you ever wanted to travel with your Watercolor Wonder crayons but were afraid they might get lost?  Or maybe you wanted your kids to be able to use your Watercolor Wonder crayons, but you were afraid the crayons might get broken.  If so, you're in luck!  You can create a very simple palette that you can take with you or give to your kids without worrying about loss or breakage!  I just created a simple table on my computer - but you could just write on a piece of copy paper - and then I laminated it.  Once the sheet is laminated, you can create a whole area of color by drawing on the laminated sheet.  When you are ready to do some coloring, just use an Aqua Painter or brush with a bit of water and use the colors directly from your laminated sheet!  You can even create a little laminated booklet with luggage tags with one color per tag!  With a little creativity, you can take your supplies on the road :)


TiaraHelen said...

Wow, that's a coincidence. I just bought some of these on the back of your encaustic tutorials and was only wondering yesterday whether this would work (I saw a tutorial on how to do it with watercolour pencils but I guess it's the same difference!). TFS, Helen

Lorraine said...

What a great idea!