Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Sugar Scrub Gift Set by Julie Beltramo & Bouncing Brayer Technique: A Video!!!!

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  The More You Put Yourself Into It, The More You See Yourself Smiling Back At You!
We have been a bit late in all of our planting this year.  Here in Denver, Mother's Day is usually the day you can begin planting without fear of frost.  But with all of our house hunting distraction, we didn't get around to planting or flowers until Memorial Day weekend and our tomatoes just went in this past weekend.  We haven't even gotten to the vegetable beds yet...though a small kale plant is making it's way through the dirt - a comeback from last year!  There is dirt under my nails and my eyes itch a bit, but all of the planting has been a wonderful way to put myself into my home - the place that supports me and provides me pleasure and shelter.  Michael and I enjoy transforming our yard into a secret garden every year and now, each time we walk into the yard, we see it smiling back at us - reflecting the beauty and love that we have invested in it.  The more you put yourself into it, the more you see yourself smiling back at you :)
Today I finally want to share with you the technique I used to create some of the card backgrounds that I shared with you last week.  The technique is the bouncing brayer technique - or what I like to call the "put and push" technique.  Enjoy!

 I also want to share this gorgeous project from Julie Beltramo with you!  It is a wonderful Gingham Garden Sugar Scrub Gift Set!  You can learn more about Julie and her pretty project on her blog HERE.  This is the second June project on Craft Project Central.  To get all the instructions for this project and all the other June projects, just purchase a subscription for the month of June to Craft Project Central HERE!  You could also enter to win a FREE subscription for June to Craft Project Central by visiting my post from this past Sunday and leaving a comment in the comments section.  Deadline for entry is this Friday!!!!

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Lorraine said...

This spring has been so busy for me, I haven't even stepped foot in the garden. Thank you for the tutorial. I have seen this technique mentioned in a few places lately, but no directions. Looks pretty cool!