Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy Day Mini Book

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Find A Uniform That Suits You!
Pantyhose are not my thing!  I remember as a child that my mom used to wear pantyhose with everything - skirts, pants, shorts - you name it.  I have to admit that that seemed like torture to me!  Maybe there was a time when the idea of putting on pantyhose seemed grown up and like a treat, but that time is long ago and far away!  Now I find that any excuse not to wear pantyhose is a good excuse (and my mom has shed her pantyhose as well - except for special occasions).  So what clothes do I like?  Well I definitely would be a candidate for What Not To Wear (a show where people with dreadful taste in clothing are given an opportunity to be guinea pigs for style consultants Stacy and Clinton - quite entertaining!).  When I am not traveling for work, my go-to cold-weather uniform usually involves a pair of black stretch leggings and some type of oversized comfy shirt make of a soft material like fleece or cotton (nothing itchy please!).  On warm-weather days I am now turning to a new uniform...overalls!!!!!  I had this vision that I just couldn't get out of my head - overalls with tank tops!  So onto ebay I went to purchase a week's worth of bib overalls that I could get paint and ink on and be comfy in all day long!  I love the idea of no tight waistbands and lots of pockets for walking the dog!  There may be some days where it is just too hot outside for overalls, but on any day when the temp is favorable, you will find me hanging out looking like Farmer Brown :)  It's important to find a uniform that suits you and allows you to be you! :)
Today's mini book was made to match the thank you card I shared earlier this week.  I am loving the combination of Coastal Cabana, Crisp Cantaloupe (yum!) and Baked Brown Sugar (double yum!)!  I love making these mini books to record thoughts, lists, notes and in this case, sweet, sweet moments!  The sentiment is from Happy Days and the other supplies were listed in my post earlier this week.  Here's a look at the book lying flat.  I use recycled paper for the inside and just add a small stamped image to hide some of the printing on the pages.  I hope you like it!  P.S.  Don't forget to leave a comment on my blog this week telling me what you do to keep your craft space clean!  I will be choosing one lucky winner on Sunday to receive a free subscription to the month of July for Craft Project Central!  Good luck!


TiaraHelen said...

Another thing we have in common! I HATE pantyhose (we call them tights here by the way.). Almost never wear them and can't wait to get them off when I get home if I do.
My favourite summer wear is any loose cotton dress, so cool.

Have just ordered "the artist's way", thanks for the recommendation.


Linda Deline said...

I'm not a fan of pantyhose either, but when I'm dressed up I feel better with them.

As for keeping the craft room clean, you're kidding, right? I do try...I have a file cabinet, paper holders, SU ink holders and two dressers. They do help. Now we are redoing the room, down to the studs! Once it's insulated, new walls, and new floor, we do have plans to put up shelves, install bookcases etc. so I can get rid of the dressers, to help control things...then I just have to learn to return things when I'm finished!!

Angelique Vela said...

As for pantyhose, I admit i'm neither here nor there. But, then, the requirement for the use of them in my life is no longer what it used to be. To keep my craft space clean I make a place specific for each item that belongs in my space. This way my control freak personality feels free to put things away because I always know where to find them.

Lorraine said...

I gave in last weekend and went pantyhoseless to a wedding. I feared that my pale roadmap legs would be the death of me. Then in the church parking lot I spied two young ladies with legs paler than mine. For comfort I will stay in my pajamas as long as I can and get in them as quick as I can after work. The softer and baggier, the better.

I love this little notebook and how you've layered those labels.