Friday, October 25, 2013

Art Journal Pages

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  It Can Happen In Stages
I can't remember when I first began today's art journal pages.  I know I did some painting and them some journaling on the background and then days, maybe weeks, went by.  I would pass by the craft room and at certain times the journal would call to me.  So, I would walk in and add a little more and then walk away and wait for the calling again.  This morning I woke up knowing I needed to add a touch of dazzling diamonds glitter and I would be done :)
Making cards I sometimes start to believe that art needs to begin and end in one sitting.  The idea that leaving something "unfinished," even for a short time means your just not creative enough or good enough or something enough.  That belief is hogwash!  Art is a process.  Yes, sometimes it will be a "one-sitting" serving and you will have a completed project.  Other times it will be a multi-sitting...maybe even multi-year, process - just like so many other things in life.  Our growth, our change, happens in stages.  Allow your art to follow this natural flow as well.
I hope you have a beautiful, creative, love-filled and inspiring weekend!  May this day and every day be one more stage in your process!

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Amanda Corbet said...

This is so beautiful! The colors and all the texture in the background with those fun happy flowers! Just gorgeous!