Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mixed Media Play

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Art Makes Me Wonder
I visited a museum today and was attuned to my thoughts as I walked through the galleries.  I seem to pay attention to the dates of an artist's life and then look at what year, or at what age, a particular piece was made.  If there are a number of pieces by the same artist, I like to try to discern growth or change over the course of time.  I wonder what they were thinking when they were painting a particular piece.  I wonder what became less important and more important to them as they aged.  I wonder how much time those hyper-realistic still life oil paintings took and how someone could devote such time and attention to getting that piece of fruit or that flower "just right."  I wonder about color choice - did that color come out of some kind of tube or was it mixed by hand.  I wonder what the artist would think of someone standing in front of their painting, wondering all of this :)  Yes, art makes me wonder.  It makes me ask questions about the artist, about the subject in the painting, about the world, about what it means to be human and creative.  Art awakens my curiosity.  More often than not it does not provide answers - it offers more questions and in this way energizes me.  How can art make you wonder today?  What questions will you ask?
Today I am sharing a temporary creation - something that came about on my art table when I took various bits and pieces that I had sitting out and just put them on top of each other!  It didn't last long - long enough for me to take a picture so that I could share it with you.  Now the bits and pieces will find new homes - maybe homes that will be more permanent this time around :)

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Lorraine said...

This is only temporary? It's beautiful. So glad you got a pic of it.