Monday, July 28, 2014

Her Dreams Reveal - Mixed Media Art Piece

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Listen To Your Dreams
I have been dreaming vividly as of late.  And, not surprising, there have been themes to my dreams.  I am calling them dreams...though, at times, they feel like nightmares.  I wake up feeling the same frustration, anger, futility that I might feel if I were actually awake.  When I feel so strongly in my dreams I know that I must listen to them.  Lately the theme seems to be about not being able to go in the direction I want to go.  Wanting to go somewhere, do something, and being thwarted at every turn.  I know I am being encouraged by my dreams to make a choice.  To choose to head in a direction and to be brave.  My first step toward bravery was to listen to my dreams and create this mixed media piece.  The house shape represents me in this piece.  I am working on a second piece in this series - a house also has emerged in that piece.  Yes, it's time for me to listen to my dreams.

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