Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Morning Prayer Mixed-Media Piece

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Prove To Yourself What You Are Capable Of!
I enjoy watching the Tour de France on tv every year.  This year has been no exception.  There is something about watching people test their limits that I find very inspiring.  During the first 10 days of the Tour, Andrew Talansky experienced a few setbacks - he crashed twice, very heavily and learned about his ability to combat pain.  During Stage 11 he was in so much pain that he pulled to the side of the road and his Team Director, Robbie Hunter, spoke with him for about four minutes.  In an interview with, Talansky described what Robbie Hunter said to him on the side of the road.  This is a small excerpt from that conversation:  This is a choice only you can make, but take a moment to make sure you make the one you're going to be happy with, make it not out of a place of emotion or anger or fear, but make it out of what can you do, what's possible.
As I watched that conversation without being able to hear the words, my assumption was that Andrew Talansky would abandon the Tour.  I, however, was wrong.  I watched in amazement as Talansky got back on his bike and actually fought his way to the end of the race that day.  Only he knew how his body was feeling.  Only he knew if he could continue.  I was crying as I watched him cross the finish line that day.  Talansky summed up what he learned that day in this way:  The sport constantly has redefined for me what I'm capable of mentally and physically. That day showed me when I need it, there's more in my body, more I can do than even I can believe sometimes. I think it's a day that will serve me very well in the future.  As artists, each day we have an opportunity to constantly redefine what we are capable of.  You can do more than even you can believe sometimes.  You just have to be willing to make the decision to go for the ride!
Today I am sharing a small mixed-media piece that I created.  I am calling it Morning Prayer.  It began with an upcycled dryer sheet and kept going from there :)  I enjoyed the ride :)

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Doris said...

Seriously? A dryer sheet? You are, honestly, the most creative artist I know. This is a beautiful piece…so glad you decided to go for the ride!