Monday, August 25, 2014

Flashback Celebrate Card

Today's Question From The Craft Room:  Is it time to call the craft room a studio?
I wonder how I ever started calling it "the craft room" and why?  Why wasn't "studio" the first word that came to mind when I decided to start posting my lessons and my creations...(see, even here I struggle to call what I create "art").  Why do I give the word "art" so much power...and why does it scare me?  I was reading a book the other day (Language and the Pursuit of Happiness by Chalmers Brothers) and it talked about the concept of as opposed to is thinking that sounds like this:  if I have the art supplies then I can do things like make art and then I will be a truly creative artist.  Switching to a mindset of creates thinking like this:  I am a truly creative artist and as a truly creative artist I create art and as a result I am happy and fulfilled.  So today I am declaring myself a truly creative artist...and today I also formally declare my craft room to be an art studio!
Today's card immediately has me thinking circus thoughts!  I used the Starburst Sayings stampset and framelits along with Flashback designer series paper.  I hope you like it!

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