Friday, September 19, 2014

Stamping With Padded Envelopes!!!!

Today's Lesson From The Place Where I Create (since I can't decide what to call the place...Craft Room...Art Studio...for now it shall be known as the place where I create :) :  Don't throw away those padded envelopes!!!! :)
I was trying to clean up a bit in my craft room (aka place where I create) today and I was about to recycle a padded envelope.  Mind you, I have recycled many padded envelopes in my time and somehow today was different.  I saw that padded envelope with different eyes.  I guess the thought may have crossed my mind before - to try to stamp with the bubble wrap side of the envelope.  But I killed the thought since I always knew that the bumpy side of the bubble wrap was the one adhered to the envelope walls.  This time I didn't kill the thought.  Instead I just said, "let's give it a shot!"  And guess what?!?!  You get the same circle texture as if you were stamping with the bumpy side.  The added bonus?  You have the backing paper or plastic from the envelope so that you can stamp pretty evenly!  These are a few pictures of pieces I have cut from the padded envelopes and some of the stamping I've done.  Enjoy!

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