Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bright & Beautiful and Festival of Trees Cards

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  The Same Materials In The Hands Of Different Makers Can Create Wonderful Results!
I am always amazed by how one single stamp set can be used by many different crafters to create cards and paper crafting projects that are incredibly varied!  During my visit with Doris I was able to see a huge variety of cards she had created!  Some of them were her own original designs and some were adaptations of cards she had seen on-line.  Stamp sets that hadn't even caught my eye in the catalog were brought to life by her creations!  Of course, my wish list grew and grew! :)  For a few days I'm going to share some of the cards she shared with me.  I hope they inspire you to use your sets in new ways...or maybe they will inspire you to look at a set that you had passed by and see it in a new way.  Enjoy!  The top card uses the Bright & Beautiful stamp set and the bottom card uses Festival of Trees. I love how there is always a beautiful surprise inside each of Doris' cards!

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Doris said...

I am so honoured to be featured on your blog. What a thrill! XOXO