Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Mini-Collage Challenge #4

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Let Go Or Be Dragged.  -Katie Holmes
Yes, I looked at People magazine on-line...I admit it...I am trying to kick the habit...For once though, the mindless reading actually provided some much needed insight!  There was an article about 5 words that have impacted Katie Holmes' life and those 5 words are let go or be dragged.  Letting go seems to be a theme that is running through my life (and my veins) right now.  It is a lesson I learned in the pool the other day when we were told to try to only breathe every fifth stroke instead of every third stroke.  It became harder to do the more I tried to hold onto my breath!  I started to tell myself, "Michelle, you need to be just as willing to let it go as you are to let it in."  Yes, let go or be dragged.  Oh there is so much that I allow to pull me down right now.  I need to be willing to let go...
Today I am sharing my fourth collage in my mini-collage challenge.  This one incorporates quite a few pieces of tape that I painted.  I then added some dimensional paints and a bit of Sharpie poster paint marker.  The green tape I used in the background was part of an experiment I conducted with heating acrylic paint.  I love all the texture it created!  I hope you like it...and if you don't...let go :)

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