Thursday, January 08, 2015

Mini-Collage #21: Paris - A Tribute

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Process Your Feelings Through Art
A tragedy.  Hatred.  Violence.  It is hard for me to absorb, understand, process.  Art helps me heal.  Heal from wounds that are opened worlds away.  I was on a plane yesterday.  Hours after the news announced the tragedy in Paris.  On the plane I took out my collage materials and tried to process.  It began with a torn paper napkin from United Airlines.  I loved that I was on an airline called "United" - it seemed like a perfect beginning for this tribute.  Sometimes the only way to try to process your feelings is through art.
For those of you following my mini-collage challenge, you may notice that this is mini-collage #21 and not #20.  I have #20 scheduled to post next week, but thought it necessary to share this mini-collage with you now - in the moment - while the wounds are open.  My thoughts and prayers are with those who died and with those who are injured who all held the value of expression through art so close to their hearts.

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