Monday, May 11, 2015

Shimmy Mob Shirt Decorating!

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Boldly Go Where You Haven't Gone Before!
If you told me I would be belly dancing in the morning at Denver International Airport and then belly dancing in the evening in a hotel lobby and then outdoors on a major street in the pouring rain...I would have told you you were nuts!!!!!  But the truth're not nuts!  I was the nutty one - out there in all my belly dancing glory at the airport, the hotel and on the rain-filled street.  Mind you, I had not belly danced before.  But my friend Caitlin has a dance studio (Bella Diva Dance) and she was gathering people together to participate in an international shimmy mob to promote awareness around domestic violence.  How could I say no?!  I had every reason to say no:  lack of belly dance knowledge; perceived inability to memorize steps in any order; a whole bunch of self-consciousness when doing something I haven't done before in a public setting...and a whole other host of reasons.  But heck - you only live once - so why not boldly go where you haven't gone before!  As a result, I now have memories that will last a lifetime and I met some incredible people on the journey.  I was even able to bring some of my creativity to the experience by painting my shirt :)  The design on the back of the shirt was inspired by search I did online for henna designs and lotus flowers.  I wish I knew who the original artist was so that I could give them full credit for the beautiful design.  I did a little improvising, but not much!  I used the design on the back as a platform to launch from for creating the flower on the front.  That one I did on my own :)  I used Tulip Slick dimensional fabric paint and I just added the gems on blobs of paint...and they stayed on!  We'll see if they make it through a hand washing :)  Now I have to go and find the next place I can boldly go where I haven't gone before!!!!  How 'bout you????


Lorraine said...

You go girl! Wow! What a step outside the box and what fun it sounds like. Congratulations!!!

TiaraHelen said...

You are so brave! And your tshirt flower is gorgeous. xxx