Friday, June 05, 2015

Hello Watermelon Wonder!

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Organizing Can Become An Excuse For Not Creating
I try to convince myself that if I just do a little bit of organizing then I will be in a better place to create.  What I am realizing is that this is one of my excuses.  One of the things I say or do to avoid having to face that blank piece of paper or that blank canvas.  One of the excuses I have so that I don't have to come any closer to that inner critic - who, by the way, I have now named "Dr. Downer."  Every time he shows up I can now think to myself, "Dr. Downer I presume?"  I imagine that Dr. Downer shares an office with Dr. Doubt and that they have an assistant who answers the phone and says, "Downer & Doubt.  How can we NOT help you?"  Now that Dr. Downer has a name I am hoping I can tell him I am not in need of his services at this time :)  Yes, organizing can be a wonderful thing...and it can also become an excuse for not creating.
Today I inked up the Blended Blooms stamp and the new Layered Letters Alphabet stamps with some Watermelon Wonder ink and went to town!  I wasn't sure how I felt about this color, but after creating this card I'm feeling a lot more fond of it.  Excuse the Naturals Ivory card stock - I realized after I created the card that this favorite card stock of mine is retired :(  Some things we love go away and some things we never even knew we would like come into existence - ah the joys of catalog transition time!  I hope you become fond of Watermelon Wonder too!  Feel free to shop HERE for Watermelon Wonder you can call your very own :)


Lorraine said...

That color looks wonderful all on it's own!

TiaraHelen said...

MMM, love that card! I just ordered the in-color cardstock and pens, looking forward to playing.

Doris said...

I empathize with your pain, but your description of Downer & Doubt had me laughing out loud. Let them share an office but, if they're renting in your home, make sure you find a way to break their lease! Love your card. That alphabet set is on my wish list. I love Watermelon Wonder. Have you paired it with Blackberry Bliss? Delicious!!