Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sewn Road Trip Collage

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Always Have Something With You To Create With!
My travel schedule can get a bit nuts sometimes and I can find myself away from the craft room and the over abundance of art supplies that live there.  So I now travel with a kit of random supplies...just in case the urge to create comes over me and I am in a hotel room, an airport, or some other place far far away.  Lately I've added some cotton thread to the travel craft kit and I have been enjoying sewing into watercolor paper.  This collage began when I was inspired by the sleeve on my drink from Caribou Coffee.  The quote spoke to me and I began by adhering it to the center of the watercolor paper.  Next I added some random painted papers and tapes that were in my kit.  The sewing was the last addition.  Lots of little meditative stitches in a combination of black and purple.  Sometimes I take the kit with me and it never gets open.  Other times it is the respite in my travels.  Either way, it is always with me in case the urge to create strikes!

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Lorraine said...

Very cool! I've been carrying my tangling pouch with me daily and though I haven't gotten the chance to pull out something, it gives me a little "comfort" to know that if I wanted to I could.