Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today's Lesson from the Craft Room: Spread the joy!
Today I received a request from a fellow stamper who is interested in making Punch the Magic Dragon in her upcoming punch class. She couldn't figure out from the photo how to make the eye lids for the dragon so she emailed me to ask for some help. This is the beauty of this virtual world - to be able to connect with people you might otherwise not have met. To help one another. To spread the joy! Here are the directions and photos for making Punch the Magic Dragon's eye lids...Enjoy!

Photo 1: Use large oval punch to punch a partial oval at the edge of a sheet of card stock.
Photo 2: This is what your card stock will look like once you punch the partial oval.
Photo 3:
Use small oval punch on edge of paper where you just punched the partial oval.
Photo 4:
Your card stock will now look like this and you will have one eye lid for Punch the Magic Dragon complete! Repeat process for second eye lid.

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