Thursday, February 05, 2009

Today's Lesson from much too far away from the Craft Room: Take a Risk - Try Something New!!!

I'm still on the road in California today - I'll be heading home tomorrow (Yeah!!!). It's always a little lonely traveling to new places on my own. I know some folks are huge fans of getting to spend a night in a hotel - away from their normal routines and responsibilities, but I have to say that having spent a lot of nights in hotels all over the place, I would much prefer to be covered in my own sheets and surrounded by everything familiar - I sleep a whole lot better!

One plus of being on the road though is having new experiences and trying new things! Tonight I decided to try a vegetarian restaurant (Merit Vegetarian in Sunnyvale), recommended by a fellow vegetarian that I met today. I finally found the place (after entering the wrong city into my gps and ending up in the middle of a block without any restaurants in sight...that kind of clued me in that I had messed up somehow). The service was great and the seaweed salad was quite delicious. (If you haven't tried seaweed salad, I would recommend it...unless the thought of green gummy-worm-like bits in your food turns you off...then you might want to try something else :) My main course was interesting - I don't think I'd order it again, but at least I tried something new! A little risk-taking a day helps build bravery for those bigger risks that I think about taking (and hope to take) in life!

So whether you find yourself in a new place or find yourself in the same place you usually are, take a risk and try something new! You never know what you'll discover!!!!

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