Sunday, March 22, 2009

Today's Lesson from the Craft Room: Try Some New Ingredients!

Michael and I went to a soft-service ice cream place awhile ago. I had grown quite fond of caramel mixed with Heath bar (yummy) and was trying to decide if I should go for the same ol' same ol' or try something new. So, Michael went first and he said, "I'll have caramel, Heath and banana." WHAT??!!! screamed the voice inside my head. BANANA with Heath and caramel??!!! How GROSS! Well, that little voice was SOOOO wrong! Caramel, Heath and Banana is AMAZING!!! (If you're thinking it sounds gross, I encourage you to try it...I think you'll be surprised! I was!).

So, as I sat in my craft room pondering today's project (a birthday gift for my niece) I decided to mix up some new ingredients. To run some felt through my Big Shot and to play around with fonts on my computer and to combine my new love for the bind-it-all....and vioila!!!! A bright pink and black diary was born :) If you haven't tried running felt (stiff or regular) or fun foam through your Big Shot, give it a try - it adds a lot of dimension and fun to projects! A whole new horizon for crafting recipes has just been opened for me!!!!! Yummmy!!!!!

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