Monday, April 06, 2009

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room: Follow Your Course Wherever It May Take You

I am finally home...ahhhhhhhhh. There's nothing like the feel of your own sheets, the smell of your own towel, the growth that has appeared so delicately in the yard. It is a blessing to be here.

I have a story of incredible synchronicity to share, although it seems like the story could fill its own book. My first business trip to a hotel that was behind a store that had an awning with a message that said "Create Something Every Day." I made multiple trips to that same hotel and could never get closer to the store than peering in through the windows at night since I worked during the hours it was open. Yesterday I made it through the doors in a strange (or maybe not strange at all) twist of fate - or appearance of synchronicity. I was at an event with my cousin and she wanted to go to her favorite store. I put the address in my gps and told her I would meet her there. And where did that gps lead me...right to the store with the awning! Here I was, months later, in the same place and finally able to know it for the very first time!
I walked inside and met a woman by the flower kits. She overheard my cousin and I talking about how our time spent creating is time that is invaluable to us. The woman shared that she is currently in law school - in her second year - and making paper flowers has become her sacred space in the midst of the pressure and challenge of school. So, how could I resist. I bought a paper flower kit and put together my first paper poppy to share with you :)

What started out as a routine drive, turned into a message from the universe that I am headed in the right direction as I pursue my creative dreams. So follow your course, you never know where it might take you!

If you like the poppy and would like to learn how to make one yourself, you can find a flower kit at Of course, I am not responsible for any addictions you develop as a result of giving it a try :)

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