Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room: You Are Precious And Unique!

Taking the leap of faith required when you want to change your life can be quite challenging. I spoke with a friend today about a change she is wanting to make - the desire to quit her job and go in a new direction - and yet actually doing it is proving to be more challenging than she thought. I can definitely relate! Sometimes I feel like our leaps of faith would be easier for us if we were surrounded by people who tell us how precious and unique we are and encourage us to follow our heart wherever it may take us. Instead it feels at times like we are surrounded by naysayers and negativity. Something that can make us step back from the edge and hesitate to leap.

So today, I will tell you: You are precious and unique. Whatever decisions you make for yourself, I will support you because you know what is best for you and what I want is your happiness.

ps...(this is my second paper flower....the addiction has begun :)

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