Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quilled Flamingo

Today's Lesson From My Make-Shift Craft Room (aka my mom's couch):  Listen To The Sounds Of The Wind And The Rain

It was windy and rainy last night and the windows were cracked open.  I am always awed by the power and majesty of Mother Nature.  From the inside, the sounds were comforting - at times invigorating.  From the outside, I image it was a bit nerve wracking!  Listening to the sounds of nature seems to create a rhythm within me.  It's like my heart starts beating in tune with nature - much like my fingers will start tapping to the beat of music.  Sometimes we need a bit of nature to get ourselves back in tune.

Today's flamingo was a tiny bit more challenging than yesterday's frog :)  I will keep working on my quilling skills...they seem to still be in their infancy :)  At least I've got room to grow :)  Hopefully this little guy will also find his way onto a card...any thoughts on what the sentiment should be????

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Lorraine said...

One of a Kind
In the Pink

Looks great!