Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Quilled Frog

Today's Lesson From A Make-Shift Craft Room:  Grow Where You're Planted

I'm visiting my mom right now and, as always, I seem to whither a bit when I am away from my craft room and the tools for creativity are not at my beck and call.  So, I did what any creative person would do, I went to find some tools to create!!!!  A quick trip to the craft store landed me a Klutz book entitled Twirled Paper that came complete with a book and the tools necessary to make some quilled animals!  yeah!  Sometimes you just need to grow where you're planted...even if you'll be transplanted again soon :)

This little quilled frog came together quite quickly - even though I hadn't quilled for awhile.  Once he finds his way back to the craft room, you and I both know he's going to end up on a card!  I hope you like him :)  Now wherever you are....go and grow! :)

1 comment:

jovialjudi said...

Oh my goodness!! This is too cute! That red tongue just makes this cute little frog. Have a great visit with your mom! Hugs!