Monday, September 20, 2010

Greetings, Earthling! Birthday Card!

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Even After You Stop Drinking It, The Process Of That Wine Hasn't Stopped

This sentence, spoken by my friend Dr. David Sanders, really struck me today.  I know it is out of context and, yet, I am hopeful, it will strike you too.  The thought that once we consume something it is not "gone."  It stays with us - alive - in some way - like the wine we have tasted.  It stays with you - in your body; in the experience.  Oh how true of so many things in life.  That even though you click to the next website; begin the next book; move on to the next art project - none of these experiences are "done."  Rather, they become a part of you and continue to live and influence you, and others, in so many (sometimes unconscious) ways.  As I consider this, I realize that some things I "put into" my body, may not be things I want to have continue living inside of me and influencing me.  I feel this way, a lot, about news.  I have a terrible habit of clicking on websites that broadcast news, only to click away feeling down about something I read.  That negative energy then lives within me.  And for as much as I can tell - it doesn't seem to be doing me any good.  As you consider the choices you make - even with things as simple as visiting a website - recognize that whatever you encounter will continue to live inside of you.  Maybe this realization will impact our choices on what we decide to allow in :)

We had dinner with friends tonight to celebrate a dear friend's birthday.  For some reason aliens came to mind :)  Probably because this friend is out of this world! :)  I used the greeting from the Afterthoughts hostess set (I'm loving these stamps!) and the alien from Greetings, Earthling!  It's hard to tell in the photo, but this little guy is covered in dazzling diamonds! :)  I only had about 5 minutes to make the card (poor planning on my part!) and yet, even in 5 minutes, it's amazing what you can make!  I hope you like it! :)

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