Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Friends Fur-ever Sorry

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Say You're Sorry
The adventures with Buddy the dog continue...He seems to be a connoisseur of overgrown grass and there is one particular yard where he likes to stop and act like a cow and munch on the grass.  I had him on his leash and allowed him to walk up into the yard a bit (still holding onto his leash), when I heard a knocking on the window.  There stood a woman, in a robe, motioning for us to get off the yard.  I tried to make a "munching" motion with my hand - just so she didn't think he was doing his business in her yard - and we walked away.  I was embarrassed and a bit angry since Buddy wasn't doing any harm.  At the same time I realized that not everyone loves dogs like I do and it was, after all, her grass and her yard.  So then I decided that an apology might be a nice way to make things feel better.  I really didn't want to walk by her house in the mornings wondering if she was looking out the window, annoyed, every time she saw us.  So I came home and made this quick little card and put it in an envelope that said "a note for you" on the outside.  On my way to the grocery store I dropped it in her mailbox.  It was signed "Buddy & Michelle."  I don't know how she felt about the note or if it changed her feelings towards us - I hope so.  What I do know is that it made Buddy and I feel better - at least we said we were sorry.
It's no surprise that I love the Friends Fur-ever stamp set!  I combined the images with the greeting from Teeny Tiny Wishes.  I find it easiest to cut out images like the dog and bones using a hobby blade - it's much quicker than trying to maneuver scissors.  The dog dish is simple to cut out with scissors.  I hope you like it!

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jovialjudi said...

So sweet Michelle! This charming card had to put a smile on her face. Molly loves to chomp grass as well. :-) Please let us know if she looks from the window next time you pass or if she comes out and thanks you! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Miss you gf!! Hugs, Judi