Monday, November 22, 2010

Owl Punch Penguin Christmas Card

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Be Willing To Go Under And Over Fences!
Buddy and I took our morning walk today and I decided to let him off leash when we got to one of our favorite spots at the edge of the park.  The minute he was "free" he went running along a fence that closes off a lot that is for sale.  There is a tree in the corner of the lot and he could see a squirrel at the base of the tree.  The fence was no match for Buddy - that 78 lb. dog wiggled his way under the fence and made a beeline for that tree!  The squirrel didn't sit around and wait - he skedaddled up the tree!  Then Buddy decided to go to the adjacent property and come back to me by jumping over their 3-foot fence!  It's amazing what he will do to go after what he wants!  It makes me wonder what I'm willing to do to go after what I want.  Am I willing to go under and over fences and do whatever I can to pursue my desires and dreams?  Are you?
Today's card is one of the cards we will be making at my upcoming holiday stamp-a-stack.  I LOVE the 2-way owl punch - you can make so many adorable things with it!  This penguin was so simple and I paired it with the Santa hat from the Sock Monkey Accessories stamp set and added a touch of chunky white glitter.  The greeting is from the retired Christmas Punch stamp set.  I had to add some luscious ribbon.  That penguin just makes me smile :)  I hope you like it!


Cheryl said...

Does Buddy stay when he is off the leash in your yard? (When there aren't squirrels around?) I wish my dog would stay in my yard! I'm looking into getting an electric fence so she doesn't have to feel as restricted on a leash. I found this one online that I think I might get:

Michelle Joy Wecksler said...

Hi Cheryl! Buddy can stay off the leash when he is in the yard - as long as we are home :) We can even leave the gate open and he won't go anywhere...although I'm sure that if a group of squirrels decided to walk by the gate he might want to join them :) We haven't had to get an electric fence, although we have some neighbors that have them - some seem to work well and others don't...I say that since we actually found Buddy years ago and all he had on was a shock we think he must have left the electric fence behind! I have a feeling some are better than others so a bit of research might be great! Good luck!!!!