Wednesday, December 01, 2010

2-Step Owl Punch Thank U Card!

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Give Someone A Helping Hand
Our close friend Matt recently received an amazing helping hand from one of his longtime friends.  His friend donated one of his kidneys to him!  I am humbled by this act of unconditional love and kindness.  We each may not be in a position to help someone in this way.  Yet we are each capable of lending someone a helping hand in our own way.  For now, we have been helping Matt and his family by walking their amazing dog.  It's a small gesture on our part and they can't stop saying thank you.  For us it is such a small thing since we walk Buddy anyway - so our walk is just extended by a few extra blocks to pick up and drop off their dog.  The impact for them, however, seems to be huge and we all end up feeling great as a result.  What can you do today to give someone a helping hand?
Today's card was a thank you card to one of my friends and customers :)  I love, love, love the 2-Step Owl punch and this card was so much fun to make - I just want to keep piling these owls on top of each other!  Wouldn't 3 look cute together? :)  (ooh - I wonder if I could make an adorable growth chart just by stacking these owls one on top of the other???  That would be toooooo cute!).  The greeting is from Cute By The Inch, stamped in Peach Parfait.  Just a few little touches give the card a personal touch - the googley eyes on the top owl and the little button and crochet thread in the corner.  I hope you like it!

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