Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fun Foam Magnets

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Identify What You Liked About Today And Build On It Tomorrow!
What did you like about today?  Did you eat one healthy snack?  Did you spend a half hour creating?  Did you tell someone you love how much you appreciate them?  Did you talk on the phone with someone without multi-tasking?  Whatever you did today that you liked, consider how you can build on it tomorrow!  I feel the same way about my art.  The other day I made magnets out of card stock and chipboard and really enjoyed it.  Today I found myself wondering how I could build on the idea.  Specifically, as I walked the dog I wondered "how can I make the magnets more durable - especially in the kitchen?"  Fun Foam came to mind!  So today I decided to make a gift for a friend building on my experience from the other day and these fun foam magnets were the result!

I die cut the thin fun foam pieces with the Big Shot and used hot glue to adhere everything together.  I even snuck a piece of ribbon in between the layers :)  You can't see the back of the magnet, but one little tip I have for you is to cut a 3/4" circle from plain copy paper and adhere it to the back of your magnet.  This helps prevent the magnets from scratching surfaces or leaving black residue on surfaces.  Here is a picture of the full magnet set (the last name of my friend) and a close up of one of the magnets.  I hope you like them!

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