Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Springtime Vintage Fabric Bookmark

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  When Was The Last Time You Sewed Something?
I went to a local craft store looking for a particular magazine.  You know, one of those magazines that you hope holds the secret to finally organizing and uncluttering your craft room :)  Well, they didn't have the holy grail magazine, but I couldn't leave empty handed.  So, I looked at the other magazines on the rack and chose one I had never read before - Sew Somerset (Winter 2011 issue).  I am not very adept at sewing, so it seemed like quite a stretch.  But I thought that stretching can be a very healthy thing.  So, home I went with the new magazine in hand.  Well let me tell you...I started reading it in bed at night and got to p. 14 and that magazine rocked my world!!!!  On pages 14 & 15 there was a project shared by artist Joy Gabler.  She had bins of fabric and decided to figure out a use for them.  Her idea was to make bookmarks and they are beautiful!!!!!!  (You can check out some of Joy's beautiful creations on etsy - her seller name is thevintagerabbit).
So when I woke up this morning it was time to dust off the sewing machine (I was afraid I had forgotten how to use it and thread it since it has been months and months since I last played around with it).  I pulled out the gorgeous Springtime Vintage fabrics and went to town!  I also decided to breathe new life into a few retired items - the ribbon and the Rough Type stamp set.  I am so pleased with the result!!!!!  Thank you Joy for the amazing inspiration!!!!!!  Maybe it's time we all thought about sewing something...I'm also wondering what awaits me beyond p. 15...I better keep my sewing machine out...just in case :)

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