Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Die Cut Decorations

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Anchors Away!
A friend told me a story once.  As a young man he had a number of collections.  As he got older he began to look at the collections on his shelves and he started to see the items in the collections as tiny anchors - somehow, each piece, was weighing him down.  So he decided to sell all of the collections - to get rid of all those heavy anchors.  I think about this story as I look around my home - particularly in my office and craft room.  My anchors are a different type of collection - mostly business papers, receipts, more papers and a craft room that "runneth over" with anything that might one day be utilized in a project.  I wonder what would happen if I released some of these anchors - if I let them go.  I wonder how that would move me...What anchors are weighing you down?
I wanted to share with you the final decorations for my niece's party.  These "wands" will go into vases with a few other wands.  Creating these decorations was made much easier with the Big Shot, a few punches, and a little ink and stamping.  Here is the second version - using a bit of embossing with the Big Shot.  I hope you like them :)

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