Monday, May 16, 2011

Card Play Episode #16 - Wax Candle Resist Video!!!!

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Commit Yourself To The Work Of Your Heart!
What does it mean to commit yourself to the work of your heart?  I don't know that it means stopping whatever work you are currently doing and diving fully into the work that your heart desires.  It also does not mean ignoring the whispers of your heart.  What it does mean is becoming aware of the work your heart is guiding you towards and taking steps, each and every day, to pursue that work.  Making that commitment means that you take moments out of your current life to listen to your heart.  If sharing your creativity with others is part of the work of your heart, how can you commit to that in some way today - right now?  Sharing a handmade gift; helping someone else explore their creativity; allowing yourself time today to express your creativity - all of these are ways to fulfill your commitment to yourself.  Your heart is waiting - make the commitment!
Today's card was inspired by a video by Marie-Josée Trudel that I watched.  I had never tried doing a resist technique with wax and her video inspired me to give it a try!  (Thanks Marie-Josée!).  I was also inspired to share how I made this card with you...maybe you'll want to give it a try too :)

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