Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wanted Get Well Soon Card - An Ode To Retired Stamp Sets

Today's Lesson From The Craft Room:  Presence Teaches That What You Do Today Is Important, Because You Are Trading A Day Of Your Life For It.  -Dan Millman
What if we actually stopped to consider this thought during each and every day?  That what you do today is important because you are actually trading a day of your life for it.  I teach workshops on topics such as negotiation, influence, and having difficult conversations and I am so conscious that the people that are in attendance at the workshops are trading a day, and sometimes two days, of their life for the experience of being at the workshop.  I know that some of them are told they need to be there by an employer.  Others are there because they decided they had a need that they felt the class could fulfill.  I usually start the morning by saying something like, "We are here together, in this room, for a period of time.  These are minutes of your life that you are not going to get back.  It is so important to me that when you leave this room you feel as if you did some of value with those precious moments of your life.  I want to feel the same way too."  I go on to ask them what their personal goals are for our time together so that I can be sure to do my best to help them reach the learning goals they have set for themselves.  I feel very similarly to the time you are spending with me now.  Please know that I so appreciate your stopping by my blog and reading these words and looking at these pieces of art that I share with you.  It does not go unnoticed that you are choosing to trade some of the precious moments of your life to spend a little bit of time with me.  I too, am trading precious moments of my life to capture these words and images, in the hopes that they will prove to be of value for both of us.  Thank you.
Today's card is an ode to the retired stamp set Wanted.  I used Chocolate Chip ink to stamp the images and a rub on for the greeting.  I love how the eyelets and the crimped card stock add texture and interest to the card!  I hope you like it! :)

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